Roads to Recovery

Roads to Recovery provides non-clinical recovery management services to help individuals and families recover from alcohol and other drug problems. Our services are designed to help people increase their motivation for recovery, to initiate recovery, to support recovery efforts, and to manage and maintain their recovery over the long term. Services are flexible, and may be delivered before, during, and after treatment, or instead of treatment for those who cannot or choose not to enter the formal treatment system. We make every effort to schedule programs and groups for the convenience of the people who need them.

At Roads to Recovery, our goal is to find a way to help everyone who seeks help for addiction-related problems, regardless of ability to pay. If you or someone you care about needs help and struggles to pay bills, please talk with us about setting a fee that will be affordable. We will also find as many no-cost services and supports as we can.

No one will ever be turned away from Roads to Recovery due to inability to pay.

Recovery Needs Evaluation (comprehensive history, assessment and report, usually 2 hours) - $50.00/hour

Motivational Enhancement Group (peer-led education and process group, 1.5 hours per session for 10 sessions) $25.00/group

Recovery Management Program (core program includes 45 hours of evidence-based curriculum) $30.00/hour

*This program may be delivered for recovery home residents and/or others as an alternative to clinical residential and intensive outpatient treatment

Relapse Prevention/Recovery Management Group $25.00/group

Recovery Coaching (peer to peer individual mentoring and coaching, case management) $25.00/hour

Drug Testing $20.00/test

Materials Fee (we may charge for educational materials to cover printing costs) $25.00

Telephone Recovery Supports No Fee

Family & Friends Education & Support Group No Fee

Family Intervention Education $35.00/hour

Recovery Management Residential Program $125.00/week (men’s recovery residence) $250.00 deposit

Peer Recovery from Tobacco Dependence Program Fee based on ability to pay

Recovery Coach Academy/Peer Specialist Training TBA

Community Workshops – Fees vary. Professional continuing education contact hours available – call for more information.

2600 Memorial Avenue, Lynchubrg, Virginia, 24501, United States
(434) 455-0053
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